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Elemental Analyser Consumables Available from Exeter Analytical Ltd

hits:2063     Date:08/12/10

Exeter Analytical Ltd is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of top quality consumables and supplies for elemental analysers.

The Exeter Analytical consumables product range includes everything you need for the routine operation of your analyser including tin capsules, silver capsules, combustion tubes, quartz and glassware, combustion reagents, catalysts and standards, o-rings, seals, crucibles and much more.

With most materials produced under ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing conditions the consistent performance of Exeter Analytical consumables and supplies ensures the precision and accuracy of your microanalytical results.

Commitment to customer support means the majority of items from Exeter鈥檚 comprehensive CHN/O/S consumables and supplies catalogue can be supplied within 24 hours from stock.

As a company dedicated to elemental microanalysis, Exeter Analytical鈥檚 25 years of involvement with instruments, consumables and supplies has allowed them to better understand the whole problem facing microanalysts. As a consequence whether you are a regular or an occasional purchaser, experienced and knowledgeable staff is always available to provide technical advice.

For further information or to request a 鈥檔o-risk鈥 free trial of our top quality consumables and supplies please contact Exeter Analytical on +1-978-251-1411 (+44-2476-323223 in Europe) or email
sales@eai1.com ( info@exeteranalytical.co.uk in Europe).

European HQ

Exeter Analytical (UK) Ltd.
University of Warwick Science Park
Barclays Venture Centre
Sir William Lyons Road
Coventry CV4 7 EZ

tel. +44-2476-323223
fax +44-2476-323221

email info@exeteranalytical.co.uk

North America HQ

Exeter Analytical Inc
Chelmsford, MA USA

tel. +1-978-251-1411
fax +1-978-251-4536

Email sales@eai1.com

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