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Heal Force ® Biology Safety Cabinet
Heal Force ® Biology Safety Cabinet
Origin of place China
Model HFsafe-1200
Supplier Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Update 3/22/2015
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Heal Force ® Biology Safety Cabinet

HFsafe-1200(Class II, Type A2)(NEW)

Heal Force Biological Safety Cabinet HFsafe-1200(Class II, Type A2)is a new model launched by Lishen. It is designed and built strictly according to American standard NSF/ANSI 49-2004 and European standard EN12469:2000,could prevent operators from the health damage of biological samples and reagents leakage, keep samples clean and avoid cross-contamination. It provides full and reliable protection to user, sample and environment

Designed for Comfort
• 10掳 bevel front window design makes operable area larger
• Control panel faces operator,easy to be observed
• Motorized frameless tempered glass front window makes vision field wider • 200MM front window operation height , 卤5MM high-precision height-limit alarm
• Groove-shape air inlet offers good ventilation
• Air-tight structure withstands 500Pa pressure
• One-piece wall with round corner is easy to clean and disinfect
• Front panel of upper chest is easy to install or detach, which makes changing filter convenient
• Capacious stainless steel basin with drain valve facilitates draining of spray-out liquid

Unique airflow mode designed for safer operation
• 30% air exhaust,70% air circulation,matches request for BSL P1,P2 and P3.
• Five double deck side with negative-pressure assures no air leakage
• Uniform vertical airflow in the chamber avoids cross-contamination
• Unique airflow design of front chamber prevents interior air from leaking out or outside air from entering into working area.
• Exhaust ducting system(optional) allows operating toxic with slight volatility or radioactive samples with slight volatility
• ULPA filter with 99.999% filtration efficiency(particles at 0.1-0.2 DOP) guarantee working area cleaner than class 100.

User-friendly Operation System
• large LCD display plentiful vivid messages
• menu setting and system operating are with Code Guardian
• Chinese/English menu
• display accumulative running time
• flowrate/flow speed alternative display
• running parameters are autosaved before power off
• real time control and display vertical and horizontal flowrate/speed
• optional movable mighty UV disinfection device with linkage to control panel
• intelligent pressure compensation system ensures an constant flowrate

Full protection to user, sample and environment
• 100% leakage test of ULPA filter
• entire self-test when turning on
• height-limit alarm for front window
• displaying filter life-span and acoustic and light alarm reminding changing filter
• acoustic and light alarm reminding malfunction when air tunnel pressure is positive
• acoustic and vedio alarm when air flowrate deviation is out of safe limit
• using optional exhaust air tunnel with linkage to control panel, the main blower is shut off in 15 seconds when air flowrate deviation is out of safe limit
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Nison Instrument (Shanghai) Limited- the company for export, exhibitions and advertisement on magazine and internet.
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