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Gene Gun Price Info
Gene Gun Price Info
Origin of place China
Model GJ-1000
Supplier NewBridge Engineering Ltd
Price USD7500
Hits 4149
Update 2/28/2011
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Gene Gun made in China for gene transformation. The most competitive price.

Gene Gun Mediated Gene Transformation| Particle Delivery System offered by Scientz, Your alternative choice besides Bio-Rad, comparable capability, much lower cost.
The gene gun was created as a new way of gene transformation using pressurized helium to accelerate DNA- or RNA-coated gold particles and delivery them into virtually any target cell or tissue. Gene gun transformation is much easier, faster, safer and more efficient.
Gene guns are so far mostly applied for plant cells. However, there is much potential use in animals and humans as well.


Particle delivery is a convenient method , much easier and faster
Almost no requirement to target cells
Much more efficient and capable, and less DNA cosumed
No carrier DNA required; no extraneous genes or proteins delivered
Both Transient and stable gene expression are possible
Maximal control the procedures of experiment and High reproducibility
Removable sample room, convenient for sterilization and overpressure gas auto-release.
Consumptive Material use-cost is much lower
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