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Tyrosine Protein Kinase JAK 2
Origin of place United States
Model 1 mg
Price 4600.00
Hits 576
Update 7/30/2015
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MF:C88H136N20O28 ; MW: 1922.15; VLPQDKEYYKVKEPGE , Val-Leu-Pro-Gln-Asp-Lys-Glu-Tyr(PO3H2)-Tyr(PO3H2)-Lys-Val-Lys-Glu-Pro-Gly-Glu

Antibody Arrays and Their Applications

1/Array Product Portfolio
Cytokine Antibody Arrays for
Human, Mouse and Rat samples
Quantitative and semi-quantitative
ELISA Sandwich and Label-based

Phosphorylation Antibody Arrays

Antibody Array Analysis software
Protein Arrays

2/Array using protein as a capture molecule
Recombinant/Purified Protein
Peptide arrays
Reversed phase (biological samples)
Transcription factor
Tissue arrays

3/Types of Cytokine Array Targets

Inflammatory factors (interleukins, etc.)
Growth Factors
Soluble receptor
Signal transduction (Phosphorylation)
Broad Screen (all of the above)


 Global analysis of gene or protein expression
 High-throughput assays
 Substantially reduced costs
 Small sample volume

5/Antibody Arrays vs. Mass Spec

 鈥淯nbiased鈥 = abundant
Nanogram/ml vs. picogram/ml sensitivity
 Cheaper per sample
 Faster throughput
 Speeds up discovery process: Discovery
All in one platform

6/Antibody Arrays vs. Luminex

 Affixing capture Ab reduces interactions
 Can screen hundreds of proteins
 More flexibility
Mode of detection (Fluor, Chemi, Color)
 Less equipment maintenance

7/cDNA Arrays vs. Antibody Arrays

 cDNA arrays measure only RNA levels
 鈫 RNA 鈮犫啈protein levels or function
 Protein functions are modulated by
Interactions with other proteins, DNA and/or RNA
Biochemical modification of individual amino acids
 Antibody arrays measure protein levels
Can demonstrate patterns of coupled protein expression
Can detect biochemical modifications of protein
Can be used to detect protein-protein, protein-DNA or protein-RNA interactions
Results are more biologically meaningful


 Membrane
Chemiluminescence detection
 Glass Slides
Fluorescence detection
 96-Well Plate
 Sandwich ELISA Array
 Label-based Array
 Quantitative vs. Semi-Quantitative

9/Features of Cytokine Antibody Array (membrane-based):

 Detection
Up to 274 cytokines in one experiment.
Detection in picogram(pg) range.
 Highly specific, little cross-reactivity
 Handles a wide range of samples
Conditioned media, plasma, serum , urine and other body fluids
Cell or tissue lysates
 Requires low sample volumes
As little as 100 渭Lof sample
 Easy to use, requires no specialized equipment
 Cost-effective for routine use

10/Advantages of Cytokine Array System: G-Series

 Requires laser fluorescence scanner
 Sensitivity similar to membrane arrays
 Greater dynamic range
 Cheaper per sample than membranes
 High-throughput (100鈥檚 of samples/day)
 Small sample volume (10-50 渭L/array)


Add: Shanghai Jiaotong University Haike Technology Park
Room A-515,No.1500 Longwu Road,shanghai 200231,P.R.China
Tel: 0086-21-51692391 Fax:0086-21-51692391
Web: www.biotnt.com Email:biotnt@biotnt.com
Online:transhold@hotmail.com(MSN) 306493040(QQ) 13892737(QQ)

BioTNT, established in 1999, is a privately held corporation located in national high-tech park of Shanghai jiangtong university longwu base. BioTNT is the leading resource for up-to-date product information, product reviews, and new technologies for worldwide life reseach scientists in the bio-technological industry. Our mission statement clearly identifies and sets the direction for our company: 鈥 provide research products of gene tests and immunoassay tests with high quality and a very competitive price to meet the growing needs of international professionals.we aim to speed the progress of research by letting people use our technology in a manner that鈥檚 substantially more flexible than that of other tools providers.鈥

In the past 10 years of development, our company has formed an a wide range of products and a entire professnial technical services to help our customers succeed. We have successful developed a strong line of ELISA kit products including human, rat,mouse,pig,Canine,rabbit and Guinea Pig.Transhlod has won a extensive appreciation for our high quailty products of ELISA kit by life scientists and researchers in European countries and our company has a rich experience in export trade . Further,we also supply a series products for real-time PCR .Hot Start Taq DNA is one of our very compatitive produces. It鈥檚 would be your best choice if the requirements of PCR experiments is high. Recently ,we foucs on the research and development of PCR PreMix kit . This produce will enableus to be the leader in the field of PCR technology and to have a solid communication with the scientific community. Our empolyees desire to provide a convenient and time-saving way for customers by using our produces.

Through continuing development, BioTNT is committed to building a portfolio of quality products. Using only the highest standards, we deliver our products to the market place at highly quality and affordable prices.It is our goal to continually research and develop novel tests systems to enhance the quality of life research.
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